Changeset [2bb3a90f7eb7f8e4b6db44d4f5a00f0ff1cd8fbd] by Jim Dovey

December 14th, 2010 @ 12:16 PM

Brought in changes from Kobo application, including a few new features and many bug fixes. AQXMLParser in particular is much more resistant to stream errors and timeouts now, and there is a subclass available which allows the caller to explicitly specify a timeout.

Committed by Jim Dovey

  • A HTTPMessage/NSStream+HTTPMessage.h
  • A HTTPMessage/NSStream+HTTPMessage.m
  • A StreamingXMLParser/AQXMLParserInternal.h
  • A StreamingXMLParser/AQXMLParserInternal.m
  • A StreamingXMLParser/AQXMLParserWithTimeout.h
  • A StreamingXMLParser/AQXMLParserWithTimeout.m
  • M Compression/AQGzipFileStream.m
  • M HTTPMessage/HTTPMessage.h
  • M HTTPMessage/HTTPMessage.m
  • M StreamingXMLParser/AQXMLParser.h
  • M StreamingXMLParser/AQXMLParser.m
  • M StreamingXMLParser/AQXMLParserDelegate.m
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